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Don’t Miss Gravedigger – The Plays of Mark Borkowski!

HAPPENING AT THE WALKING FISH:Join us at B. Someday Productions and the Walking Fish Theatre for three original one-acts plays from the award winning playwright Mark Borkowski, beginning on May 5 and running through May 23rd.  Mark is a Fishtown native, and his oh-so-real characters and intense writing are inspired by experiences and encounters he had in the neighborhood.  Mark has been joined by a veteran cast of actors and producers who were all drawn to these plays for one reason – Mark’s undeniably exceptional playwriting.  Actor Kenneth McGregor, known around the world for roles in films such as Cocktail in which he starred alongside Tom Cruise, X-Men, and The Muppets Take Manhattan, turned down two other roles for the opportunity to bring Borkowski’s script to the stage.

In “ A Gravedigger’s Tale” you will meet a gravedigger, junkies, crack whores, and gamblers, who all assume they’re going to get healthy tomorrow – until tomorrow comes.  You will see if their compromise of lack of compromise is going to kill them or if they will see another day.  In the “Mutilation of Saint Barbara” you peer into the life of a couple on the verge of ending a six-year relationship and in “Twilight’s Child” you watch the intimate moments between a husband and wife as they wrestle with the death of their child.  As you watch this gritty and gripping show, you will find new ways to explore the relationships between human beings.  The hauntingly truthful dialogue will captivate you as you realize quite distinctive versions of the happy ending.

Mark Borkowski is now living in New York and has garnered numerous awards including a Sterling Award for Best Play for “The Kids are Awake”, a Best Actor award in the 2008 Portugal Film Festival, has been published twice in Anthologies of Best Plays, and has received glowing reviews from coast to coast.  Producing these plays at the Walking Fish Theatre has been a homecoming of sorts for Mark and we hope you can join us for these fiercely original and spellbinding plays!

The production takes place at Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, 19125. Tickets are $18, or $12 for students and seniors. For more information call 215-427-9255 or email info@bsomeday.org. Pay-what-you-can preview performances will take place on Thursday, May 5, and Friday, May 6.


Ten questions for Mark Borkowski

As we move forward through the production run for FRESH FISH 2.0, we’ll be interviewing our participating playwrights. Mark Borkowski  is the author of THE KIDS ARE AWAKE.

What first motivated you to write plays?

A deeply rooted need to unleash a lot of pain.  I took a breakdown when I was in my late teens and started hearing voices. I wrote them down and they assumed the form of dialogue.  A friend of mine submitted the play to Theatre Center Philadelphia. Albert Benzwie, the artistic director, included it in his spring play festival…Mark Borkowski, author of THE KIDS ARE AWAKE.
From where did THE KIDS ARE AWAKE originally come?

It came to me while on the set of the movie, “The Perfect Witness”.  I was playing the role of a compulsive killer. Part of my research was Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer).  I learned that they took his daughter’s DNA and matched it to the sperm found on one of his victims. Positive match.  I always wondered what that poor girl went through… so I wrote a scenario.
What other plays have you written, of which you’re particularly proud?

“The Daughters of Eve” which recently enjoyed a run at The Cherry lane Theatre.  And  “Painting Corpses” which was workshopped at The Actors Studio in NY. The cast included Elias Koteas as well as the best actors at the Studio. It was masterfully directed of Richard Masur.  It was truly realized through an intense workshop.
What other arts do you practice?


Do you think children should have to answer for their parents’ actions? If your child were bought an iced tea by someone who wanted them to answer for your actions, would you let them drink it?
No. Wait. What kind of iced tea?

What was your most memorable theatrical experience?

Most recently, my play “Twilight’s Child” was at Playwright’s Horizons in the 2008 Samuel French Festival.  Everything about it was perfect.

What teachers have affected you as a writer and why?

Let me think about that one.  Hmmm.
What would we find under your bed?

Ashtray, book, stones and dust.
What are you reading these days?

A lot of history.
If you could host a dinner party with any three people, currently living or not, who would you invite and what would you serve?
Jesus Christ, Benjamin Franklin & Shakespeare. I’d serve Gnocchi.

THE KIDS ARE AWAKE  is just one of the many exciting plays that you can see in FRESH FISH 2.0, playing at Walking Fish Theatre from April 3 through 18 Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm and Sunday, April 19 at 2pm. Tickets are available online or at the door, and there’s NEVER A HANDLING FEE!