About Walking Fish Theatre

Walking Fish Theatre is a a 501.c.(3) non-profit theatre-arts corporation, located at 2509 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia, PA. We are the small  regional alternative theatre that every neighborhood should have.

It’s a nice night, you’re feeling good, and you feel like getting out of the house, meeting up with your friends and being entertained. Where do you go? True, you could go to the mall or the movie theatre. Wouldn’t you rather be someplace that doesn’t drown out your individuality, but instead embraces it?

Come to Walking Fish Theatre. We have a little bit of everything for everybody. Some Saturday mornings we have the Family Theatre Series, an interactive, literature-based performance that included a fun craft and a healthy snack, for kids aged 2-7 and their caregivers.  We have raucous sketch comedy by High Dramma and classically saucy performance by Revival Burlesque.  On Sundays we have Yoga for Everyone and on the last Wednesday of the month we have Humpday Hootenanny, the acoustic open-mic night for everyone.

Most importantly, we have great plays, classics and new plays from the world’s great emerging playwrights.

Join us at The Fish and catch something live!



One response to “About Walking Fish Theatre

  1. Back in West Philly. Still crazy searching after all these yarns for authentic vaudeville dance routine instruction.
    Mr. B t’wld. ya be so kind to make some suggestion if they come to mind.

    the MP for Carnivolution @Tiberino Museum

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