Fun with Acting Class Final Performance

On Saturday, May 22, family, friends, and neighbors joined as we concluded six weeks of acting classes with our final student performance.  The students couldn’t have been more excited to showcase the characters that they had imagined, costumed, and scripted.  The had put a lot of energy and thought into the way their characters would look, walk, talk, and act, and this was their chance to show off their creativity.
The actors treated the audience to improv games that had us laughing hysterically, and an array of original characters including a mummy, an octopus, and a vampire slayer.  These young actors were enthusiastic about sharing their creativity and unique ideas, and we had a great time watching them come to life.

This was the conclusion of our Fun with Acting Class, a six-week class for students ages 7-12 taught by veteran and teacher Kate McGrath.  Fun with Acting fires up the imagination and boosts self-expression in a fun, collaborative atmosphere.

Using improvisation, storytelling, and theatre games. students learn how to use their bodies and voices to transform into a character, how to create dramatic conflict and reach creative and entertaining solutions.  The class requires no previous experience and will be held again in the fall, so check back later at for the dates!


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