Free party at Walking Fish this Saturday, May 2 from 2pm to 5pm- Don’t miss it!

What are you doing this weekend? Another wedding? Stay inside and listen to the rain? Knit a sock?

So you’re sayin’ to yourself,  “self… so, this is life. we are born, we live a little, we die. in between, what do we do? sleep, eat, goof around on the internet?

no! this is the summer I will change my life! This is the summer I will be Steve McQueen! Maybe even a real queen! This is the summer I will quit being such a wussy little baby and start using capitalization in my sentences so that people know that I Am Somebody, A Person With Purpose, With Dignity, Who Makes Things Happen! I Am A Mover, A Shaker, A Candlestick Maker, A Gingerbread Baker, perhaps even Ginger Baker, Josephine Baker, a cappucino-sipping Casanova, a booze-swilling Kerouac, a mad fishing Hemmingway! I am the Earth Mother and You Are All Flops, I will ride through the night with my breasts bared and my hair streaming out behind me, my wild young bohemian aura causing men and women to gnash their teeth with envy in my wake, yes, this is the year that I Will Be Somebody, I will be an agent of social change, where I walk, flowers shall spring up in my footsteps, when I shed sweat droplets, pearls shall tumble to the ground!  I will make our neighborhoods safe, our children educated, our women strong and our men good-looking, I will destroy all hatred and cruelty and we shall be a world of loving and thoughtful individuals who will teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!”

Where do you start?

The Kinetic TFR Moped gets 150 miles to the gallon, zooms up to 30 mph, and might be yours for a $5 raffle ticket.

The Kinetic TFR Moped gets 150 miles to the gallon, zooms up to 30 mph, and might be yours for a $5 raffle ticket.

Well, obviously, you’re going to need a motor scooter. Probably a little something like a Kinetic TFR Moped that gets 150 miles to the gallon with a cruising speed of 30 mph, allowing you to tell the oil industry to go stand in the corner. But you don’t exactly have that kind of cash. What are you going to do? Damn, it’s hard to be that sexy wild agent of social change.

Veteran burlesque goddess Annie A-Bomb tries out the magical moped.

Veteran burlesque goddess Annie A-Bomb tries out the magical moped.

BUT WAIT! We have a remedy! Come on down to the Walking Fish Theatre on Saturday, May 2, for the FREE Scooter Raffle Party! Free food, free beverages, free entertainment, and all we ask is that you buy a FIVE DOLLAR RAFFLE TICKET! Holy cow, that’s magnificent! Throw your arms around the universe and give it a big sloppy wet kiss! Your donation to Walking Fish Theatre provides quality entertainment, education and
community events to the underserved but blossoming community of Fishtown. It’s kind of like slots, except without the shame and flashing lights. It’s entirely possible that you might win that magical scooter of your dreams.

Ever wish you could have been part of Paris in the 1920’s, Greenwich Village in the 1960’s? Now’s your chance to be part of Fishtown in the Aughts.
For more information about Walking Fish Theatre, visit our website at

The party runs from 2 to 5 pm. Tasty treats graciously provided by Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s. Beverages provided by Philadelphia Brewing Company.

Live music with the acoustic stylings of Vince Friel and the Latin rhythms of percussionist Julius Rivera.

Final drawing of the raffle will be at the Walking Fish Gala By The Sea on June 6, 2009. Need not be present to win.

I will be there!  Will you? Come as you are and bring a friend. If you really want to knit a sock, bring it along.

Do you dare disturb the universe?


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